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Shenzhen ordinary mahjong machine refitting program mahjong machine

Time:2019-12-15 Views:609
Shenzhen Bisheng Entertainment Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the development, production and wholesale of ordinary mahjong machine modified program mahjong machine

Provide the installation and training of the program mahjong machine in the surrounding areas of Shenzhen and the whole country, and wholesale the program mahjong machine integrated machine and Zhanshen 2S mahjong machine to the whole country

The peripheral products of Jiangji, Zhanshen mahjong machine and casual wear program will be used by large and small hotels, hotels, entertainment places and individuals in Shenzhen and China

Customers provide door-to-door installation service of mahjong machine, fast installation, no need to dismantle the whole machine, no need to change the brand wheel. Company introduction date

The advanced programming technology adopts high-precision chip, intelligent shuffling, and the correct rate of brand selection is 100%, which ensures the absolute stability and practicality of the product

Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the policy of "quality first, reputation first", and constantly innovated and developed the procedural mahjong machine

New casual products to meet market demand, in good faith low-cost high-quality products to return customers. Welcome to discuss and consult

Create brilliance with all of you -- Shenzhen pizza entertainment products, http://www.szmjpj.com/

Facai hotline: 13670049776, President Liu

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