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Shenzhen Zhanshen program mahjong customer service center

Time:2019-12-24 Views:717
Shenzhen program mahjong machine customer service center, about the program mahjong machine high-tech mahjong machine, no one customer knows better than the mahjong mechanical and electrical industry, in this Sanjie mahjong machine network think it is necessary to give you two warm tips: first, there is no mahjong machine without installation program in the market, the so-called mahjong machines without installation program advertised on the Internet are biased (at least at present The market technology of mahjong is still not up to the standard), so we need to be clear about the right and wrong; second, the program high-tech mahjong machine is only used as entertainment, or anti blocking and disclosure behavior. Customers should consciously abide by the national laws and regulations when purchasing mahjong, and do not think about mahjong high-tech.

The operation of the high-tech full-automatic mahjong machine can be operated by the rocker or the sensor. The customers who need it can also install the command system on themselves and operate the mahjong machine with their mobile phones. The program installed on the ordinary machine is only limited to the operation of the rocker. Many customers often encounter problems here and there when operating and using the rocker. In this case, Shenzhen Sanjie mahjong machine network can simply pick up several key points to remind customers of the instructions in the speed measurement operation.

The key points to be noted in the test and operation instructions of the high-tech mahjong machine of the program: first, determine the direction, the position of the power switch is the first position or the east position, which cannot be mistaken; second, ensure that the distance between the receiver and the main board below is generally aimed at the receiver effect *, and the distance is generally not more than 10 meters, which is better. During the operation, another person can be arranged to operate; 3、 If you stop playing cards in the middle, when you start the program again, you should make sure that the program is completely closed. If you do not close the program, you cannot operate it again. Fourthly, when you locate or cancel the program, you should make sure that the mahjong machine is not in the shuffling state, that is, when the shuffling of the mahjong machine is completed, you can operate it again, and the program will take effect in the next one. Welcome to discuss and consult, and wish to create brilliance with you -- Shenzhen pizza entertainment products, http://www.szmjpj.com/

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