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Year end program mahjong machine discount

Time:2019-12-23 Views:513
At the end of the year, there is a big discount for the program mahjong machine. The difference between the program mahjong machine and the general mahjong machine

1. The program mahjong machine does not need special mahjong, and all ordinary cards on the market can be used, with accuracy rate****

2. * * color control analysis software, compatible with all playing methods in all regions of the country, can customize special rules and personalized playing methods according to customer needs

3. Through the market experience summary of the first, second and fourth generation of Ares, the color control and charging system is more stable, and the good brand analysis software is more intelligent

4. It is equipped with a Bluetooth burning box as standard. The Bluetooth burning box can be positioned by mobile phone and compatible with remote control positioning at the same time, without replacing the positioning box

5. Lens concealment, replacement and maintenance and its convenience, mobile app visual detection and maintenance

6. Watch the mobile phone and grasp the code at a glance

7. No card selector, normal shuffle, shuffle time and noise consistent with normal mahjong machine

8. The chromon is non-magnetic, and it can play any color point

9. Start with 10 or so good cards. The cards are different

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